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The #Reacciona (React) campaign is a social strategy implemented by the Adecco Foundation to identify, denounce and eliminate signs of social prejudice present in our society that have become the main factor for the exclusion of individuals with special needs. These barriers are clearly visible in practically all areas of life: in families, at school, in university, at work and, in general, all around us.

The effect of such prejudice is often violent when it focuses on people. For people with disabilities, it becomes a great limitation that constrains their development and their inclusion in society and in the workplace.

What are the main barriers identified by the Adecco Foundation? Prejudice, ignorance, over-protection, indifference and discrimination. All these barriers may be encountered in different ways, but they all have very negative consequences.

Our aim this year is to denounce these barriers and generate a dialogue around over-protection, bullying and discrimination in the workplace.

Bullying is a grim form of physical and mental violence widely found in primary and secondary schools. This practice affects thousands of children with intellectual disabilities, on occasions causing serious situations of depression and isolation. It has been calculated that one in four school pupils suffers or has suffered from bullying at some point in their lives

The real Alejandro

Alejandro is 20 years old, and is a very sociable lad, a dreamer, passionate about the world of the army and football, and he also has an intellectual impairment. Alejandro is living happily with his family and attends an occupational centre where he is learning a trade that will favour his integration into society and the workplace. Alejandro is lucky in the sense that he does not regularly suffer from bullies, but he has decided to provide his image to this campaign to raise society’s awareness about these situations.