International Day of Disability 2021: Save a sceptic

International Day of people with disability – December 3rd 2021

To celebrate the International Day of People with Disabilities, on December 3rd, we urge you to reflect on the talents that people with disabilities possess. If you share our vision, share the message with others!   

Save a sceptic! Help us to raise greater awareness of the talents of people with disabilities. By using courtesy, empathy and humour, we will make the obvious crystal clear.   

The social and labour integration of people with disabilities is a fundamental factor in the bid to create a diverse, inclusive society. To achieve their integration into ordinary employment, we must overcome all the prejudice and ignorance that induces us to believe that people with disabilities do not have the necessary skills to work alongside us, attending to the public in shops or banks, serving coffee in the morning or carrying out any other professional activity.  

Despite these misconceptions, people with disabilities have a growing presence at universities, vocational training centres, companies and other social spheres.   

If you come across a person with a disability, whether it is at work, in class, in a shop, on public transport or in any other situation, forget your misconceptions. Let’s stop using the word «disabled» to define people: it should simply be another adjective, and in no way should it be detracted from a person’s talents or capabilities.   

To save a sceptic, don’t forget to do it always with courtesy and courage, combining empathy with a touch of humour.   

We invite you to learn about Ana and Inés: two women with a disability, in addition to talent, empathy and the determination to make their capabilities clear to others. If you like their stories, remember to share them.   


Companies that help us to save sceptics

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Disability Week 2021


During Disability Week, we will make an added effort to carry out training, consultancy and employment mediation workshops for people with disabilities.   


We will also take advantage of the occasion to make hundreds of companies aware of the reality of the people that we assist in finding a job so that they can appreciate their talents and overcome any prejudice associated with disabilities.   


We will also strive to foster a better awareness of disability-related issues among society as a whole, creating a more inclusive environment and a greater acceptance of diversity.    

Talents and disabilities  

Prejudice and ignorance:   

Mario doesn’t know anyone with an intellectual disability. He thinks that because Ana has a disability, she won’t be able to attend to him properly in the shop. His way of speaking to her and his condescending infantile manner hinder Ana in assisting him.   

Ana is used to reactions like Mario’s. That doesn’t mean that she’s not annoyed when doubt is constantly cast on her skills and capabilities.  

She has saved a sceptic with courtesy and courage.   

Over-protection and fear:   

Miquel is a nervous wreck. This is his daughter Inés’ first day at university. Because she has cerebral palsy, he thinks her classmates won’t accept her and her lecturers won’t know how to treat people with a disability. What he hasn’t realized is that, fortunately, the world has changed a lot and his daughter has the same interests as any other young university student.   

Inés has come home delighted! She fitted in brilliantly right from the word go and she’s eager to start going out with her mates.   

Inés has saveed a sceptic with humour and courage.   

Our protagonists  

Ana Mencía, an actress, worker and ballet dancer. Her disability, Down syndrome, is just one of her many features. Ana is an empathic, funny, extroverted, courageous person. She is committed to equal opportunities for all in the workplace, particularly for people with disabilities.   

Inés Rodríguez is extroverted and good fun. She is a speech therapist and swimmer in the official Spanish cerebral palsy team. She has finished her degree and now she has moved away to do an M.A. She plays the role of a girl on her first day at university. Fortunately, her own family was not so overprotective, but she is well aware of the need to foster access to education for people with disabilities in order to boost their employment opportunities in ordinary companies. She is used to taking a humorous approach to society’s prejudices about her disability.   


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