International Women’s Day 2021

We’re Less Vulnerable When Employed.

The challenge facing us all

The inequality between men and women is rampant in the job market and one of the scourges contributing most to poverty and social exclusion in Spain. At Fundación Adecco we are very aware of this job market situation and the circumstances surrounding women in vulnerable positions. As such, we seek to act as a nexus between these vulnerable women and companies and to raise awareness of our initiatives during International Women’s Week..

We believe in talent, we fight against labels

We work with women: accompanying the most vulnerable women on their journey towards employment by setting up workshops that directly impact the development of their skills, motivation and the job search process.

We work with companies: presenting suitable candidates for their vacancies and undertaking training and awareness-raising activities with their teams.

We work with society: bringing the difficulties of vulnerable women to the forefront of people’s minds..

We help the most vulnerable

More than 60 workshops with women in vulnerable situations or who have been excluded from society [see workshops]

Working breakfasts, round-table debates and conferences in which we tackle the main barriers that prevent women at risk of social exclusions from accessing the job market.

Presenting our report #JobsForEveryone: Women at Risk of Social Exclusion in the Job Market. [see report]

We spread the stories told by our candidates by using fictional videos based on real-life interviews with women we have helped. In these we focus on three different profiles: firstly, women who are victims of gender-based violence facing a pandemic-affected job market, secondly, women over 55 who have spearheaded workplace initiatives during the health crisis and are now facing an uncertain job market and, lastly, women with gender inequality in household responsibilities and who have had to balance their work and family commitments during these extraordinarily complicated times.

Commited companies

They inspire us, they mobilise us 


Fernanda has been fighting all her life. She is energetic yet patient and now 55 years old, having arrived in Spain in 2017 after spending her life working in an array of sectors and helping many companies succeed. Now she’s fighting for a stable job, living in a shared room, to help give the final push for her children to achieve economic freedom. During the pandemic’s darkest months, she found work in one of the most difficult sectors: she worked as a cleaner in an elderly care home. From the very first day she worked double shifts and had to deal with the physical and psychological consequences this entailed. Luckily, she could count on the support of her colleague Luis. Both of their contracts have now ended. Will they get to keep their jobs?


Jessica is empathetic and a real people person. By the time she hit her thirties, she was an independent woman with two children and a steady job. Until 2020. Her local bar, where she had worked ever since she finished school, was forced to temporarily close. Her income was no longer regular and she started to fall behind with her rent payments; she could no longer afford even the most basic expenses. Are there any options for breaking out of this cycle?


Violeta decided to give up her job when she got married. A resolute and efficient woman, she devoted herself to taking care of her children and home so that her husband could continue managing his own business. Over the years, what Violeta had simply put down to bad character turned into psychological abuse, which was further aggravated by empty nest syndrome. Now at the age of 50, she is ready to leave her situation behind and she knows that finding a job is the first step. How did her last interview go?

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