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3rd December International Day of People with Disabilities

9:00 in the morning. First day at work. The new guy cones up throught the door. "People with disabilities are conscious about our difficulties, don´t make it harder because your preconceptions". El Langui plays as if it is his first day in the office. People wishper, bad sights and more discriminatory behaviour is what he gets.

The singer explains it:“I didn´t choose to live with a disability, I simply live with it. I´m not better or worst than anyone, but I´m lucky to be able to show my talent and I make my living from music. But my story isn´t normal. People with disability usually have difficulties for a lot of things, maybe not always as hard as we represent in the video, but thrut is stranger than fiction".

Decálogo del consultor del buen rolloConsejos para superar una situación similar.

A dignified job (work conditions):
with a fair salary, healthy and safe working conditions, a stable job with reasonable hours. Well, we have to start with the basics, nobody is going to have good vibes if they can’t even pay for their food, that much is obvious, even if I do have to say it.

Working to live (conciliation):
everyone, or at least most of us, need a job in order to have a life, but be careful... we also need a job that leaves us with some time for living. That is something we have been hearing for some time, but what we need is a true compromise. How many times have we walked past an office block at 10 o’clock at night and there are still people working? When a worker has the chance to develop and progress in his or her job, they give off good vibes for their colleagues and will be more productive, creative and professional.

Being part of something big (the feeling of belonging):
make your employees feel a part of the project, get them involved and engaged, making them stakeholders in the achievements. That’s like when I make a new record, it’s only going to be released when I feel proud of my work, when I believe it is perfect and my fans will like it. Feeling you are doing something that is yours is motivation to keep going, to get involved and doing your best so that things turn out right.

Things done well and on time (performance and productivity):
bosses have to motivate their people so that they work well, but they also have to give them what they need to do it, starting off by setting an example. Something else I have learnt over the years is the importance of time, it has to be planned properly, making sure that the minimum sufficient time is provided for everything and everyone... but beware! We have to know how to balance external times without people resting on their laurels. Don't worry, you will get organised bit by bit, that's why you're the boss.

With personality (leadership and responsibility):
we are not going to confuse good vibes with a lack of personality, responsibility or leadership. What's more, all those qualities are enhanced and decisions are understood much better when there are good vibes in the air.

Hard work is rewarded (recognition):
I’m not talking about a decent salary, we’ve already mentioned that. I mean that when something turns out well, someone has worked themselves to death or just through outright luck, this should be known. We are not robots, if you acknowledge my work, much better. If you don't do, the next time I will think about all that work for nothing.

Look after your people (inclusive leadership):
Do you know if your people like what they do? Do they get on with their colleagues at work, or are there personal problems? When people are concerned about you, but sincerely concerned, you notice it and you join the project with motivation that nobody can take away.

Each to their own (training):
I bet you wouldn’t let a mechanic do open heart surgery. Would you? Well the same thing applies, you have to have a person doing a job they know how to do; if someone feels out of their depth, they will get frustrated, and people who do things beneath their level of knowledge will get angry. Don’t be silly, acknowledge people, it’s very easy.

Good vibes yes, but for everyone (diversity and inclusion):
from the first to the last, from the big bosses to the lowliest or the intern: men and women alike, black, white, Chinese, gypsies and Eskimos, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and atheists, with or without disabilities, heterosexual, homosexual and asexual; people, who with respect and good humour, we make communication easier, more fluid, helping us to work in a pleasant atmosphere and this will be reflected in the results. Basically, #TalentWithoutLabels

Good vibes and common sense (attitude and values):
promoting good vibes at work help us to work as a team, to respect each other and keep a positive, responsible attitude towards our projects. We will deal with change better, become more involved and put passion into what we do.

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Download the song of the video: #NoLimits

El Langui signs the Ability manifesto of Fundación Adecco in #NoLimits. The song is a principle declaration based in respect and the value of diversity to reach normalization and the real social inclusion of people with disabilities. The video of the song starring Pablo Pineda, first university studend with Down syndrome, Raquel Dominguez, sportswoman with disability and Joan Pahisa, Phd in IT, writer and ping pong champion.

You can hear the song in Spotify and iTunes. You also can download it here.

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