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#react against over-protection

Over-protection is an attitude that reduces people’s autonomy and yet it is more and more present in our society. There is no doubt that over-protecting children limits their growth and cancels out their individuality. In the case of people with special needs, this is particularly detrimental as the stimulation and development of skills and abilities is crucial in their early years.

Patricia's first day at school

Patricia is a 12-year-old girl dealing with her first day at school in this new academic year. Her mother and her gym teacher look down on her and emphasize her disability by reinforcing her dependence. Her mother takes her into the classroom and, at an age where other children have already achieved a certain independence, she doesn’t let her daughter take her coat off by herself, or let her classmates come and say hello or even push her wheelchair although Patricia would be quite capable of managing it without any problems. This attitude turns Patri’s potential qualities into major limitations that will cast a long shadow over her future.

The real Patricia

In real life, Patri is a happy 14-year-old, always dressed in pink and with a smile on her face. Although she suffers from cerebral palsy that hinders her movement, “Patri has improved greatly from when she was younger thanks to constant therapy. Her constancy is incredible because we are perfectly aware of the physical pain the therapy causes her, but she never gives up because she can see the results”, says her father. When she grows up, Patri wants to be a school teacher because she loves being with children; at the moment, she is practising on her younger brother. In addition, she comes from a family known for its solidarity and knows about the “Patripulseras” bracelet project.