The promotion

The social elevator is broken. A woman, a job interview and all the excitement of a final.
March 8th – International Women´s Day.

The Social Elevator is broken. 4 million women at risk of social exclusion in Spain need us to repair it. Dedicated to all women at risk of social exclusion, so that they never lose hope.  

The promotion is a campaign that aims to highlight the lack of social the lack of social mobility for over 4 million women in Spain who are in situations of risk of social exclusion and poverty. Women with some kind of disability or aged 55 years or over are automatically rejected from job selection processes in a large portion of companies.  

The promotion uses the lift as a metaphor to show the extra difficulties that women at risk of exclusion have to overcome when trying to find a job. For women at risk of social exclusion, the elevator is usually out of order and they have to take the stairs, having to make twice as much effort to prove their worth. 

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