International Women’s Day 2022

We need to take a closer look

To mark International Women’s Day, we want you to take a closer look. Thousands of vulnerable women have been forced into unemployment and social exclusion since the start of the pandemic.

International Women´s Day 2022: Belén´s story

This 8th March, International Women’s Day, Belén represents thousands of vulnerable women in our country. She is a 52-year-old woman, unemployed for the last 6 years after her husband fell ill and she had to take care of him. She no longer receives any benefits, no aid, because she does not qualify for them. She would prefer that her son, who is still a minor, had the opportunity to go to university, but she needs him to start helping out at home.

Belén has sometimes had to turn down job interviews because a couple of years ago they had to sell her car and she can’t afford public transport. One day, as a last resort, she decided to buy a pair of sneakers at her local shopping centre. She would never miss an opportunity again! From then on, she would make it to job interviews, no matter how far away they were, even if she had to get there on foot.

And finally Belén’s search paid off and she found work in a shoe factory. She’s been working for a while now and commutes by bus, so her shoes, the ones that helped her so much, can stay in the wardrobe. It’s time for them to rest.

How did they take it? Find out with the help of Carolina Iglesias and Victoria Martín, awarded with two Ondas Prize for the podcast: Estirando el chicle.

Companies committed to inclusion

Have you noticed?

Single-parent households headed by women have seen exclusion increase by 13%, women over 55 are the only group in which unemployment has increased and more than 70% of senior unemployed women have been unemployed long-term.

There is no doubt that the gender gap has widened with this crisis and that employment is one of inclusion’s greatest allies.

Different types of vulnerability

Women over 55, the long-term unemployed, women who are victims of gender-based violence, women heading up single-parent families, women with disabilities and women at risk of social exclusion are at the centre of vulnerability.

Jobs, beyond providing resources, can offer a sense of independence, normalised social relations… in short, an opportunity to get ahead.

At Fundación Adecco, we work on the career plans of hundreds of women every year. Training, guidance, intermediation, support… a path to employment that allows them to better their lives and move past their situation of exclusion.

Thanks to our integration and inclusion team, the people who join our corporate volunteer team and the involvement of committed companies, in 2021 we helped 14,706 vulnerable women, creating more than 5,000 new job contracts.

During the week of International Women’s Day, we want to bring the most vulnerable women into the centre of social dialogue, showcasing their talent and highlighting the importance of their inclusion in the job market if we are to build a fairer society.


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